Motivation to Lose Weight

Finding The Motivation To Lose Weight

Motivation To Lose Weight

With rising obesity rates and the increasing public awareness of the harm that being overweight can bring, many people are looking to lose that weight.  It may not be for solely health reasons but also for a number of personal factors such as one’s happiness with their current body image. With this article, I hope to give you some tips to easily find the motivation to lose weight (losing your first 10 pounds) even when you hit your weight loss plateau.

Perhaps you want to be able to run around with your kids more, or climb the stairs without feeling like you’ve just run a marathon. It can be tough being overweight but it can be even tougher losing it. The road to losing weight in a healthy fashion can be a difficult one, and often requires a lifelong change in diet and exercise to keep the weight off once it’s lost.

Finding the motivation to lose weight can be the hardest part of all. Fortunately, we’ve included 6 tips to find that motivation you’ve been looking for that will help you to lose weight fast and in a healthy way.

1. Take It Slow

Often when someone sets the goal of losing weight, they create unrealistic expectations of themselves. Losing weight is not a race – consistency is the key. When you start off on a diet or exercise program, it is best to set realistic goals for yourself. Aim for losing 10 pounds in a week.

Although you may not lose 10 pounds in a week, seeing a consistent drop in weight week after week is a great motivator, even if it’s only a few pounds.

2. Reward Yourself

Rewards are often a great way to get motivated to lose weight. When setting your weight loss goals, be sure to create milestones and plan ahead to reward yourself for achieving them.

For instance, one milestone you could set would be losing 20 pounds. How long it takes you to lose 20 pounds is irrelevant, maybe it takes you a month or maybe 2 months. Once you’ve reached your goal, reward yourself. And I don’t mean with a bucket of greasy chicken and fries. Consider setting aside the money you’ve saved on fast food and unhealthy food, and spend that money on a shopping trip when you’ve reached your milestone.  After all, you’ll likely need new clothes anyway after losing all this weight, and this will keep you motivated to continue on your weight loss journey.

3. Reflect On Your Journey

Accomplishing something in life often leaves us with a great feeling. We all like to feel we’ve done something worthwhile in our lives. When you’re on the path to losing weight, taking time out from your busy day to reflect on the weight loss goals you’ve accomplished, can result in a great deal of positive feelings and energy. This in turn will motivate you even further to achieve the other goals you’ve set. After all, a large part of losing weight is how good you’ll feel about yourself. If you never take time to enjoy that feeling, you’ll likely fall right back into old eating habits.

Replace the good feelings associated with eating unhealthy food by the even better feelings generated by reflecting on your accomplishments and you’ll be well on your way to a higher level of motivation to keep losing weight.

4. Eat Healthy

Diet, exercise, and weight loss often go hand in hand, and eating properly can be a great motivator for losing weight. If you’ve ever began an exercise program, you’ve likely also started a diet program at the same time. When you eat healthy foods, you’ll feel like living more healthily. This means exercising more, and generally being more active.

This is because, not only have we changed our lifestyle in two different ways that complement each other, but also healthy food often gives us added energy we were missing out on when we were eating poorly. This can also be seen from the other point of view – exercising often motivates us to eat healthy.

If you just worked hard at the gym for an hour, chances are you’re not going to want to ruin that by shoveling back pizza and pop. That would be an enormous waste of time. Just don’t get into the habit of justifying eating poorly using the excuse that you’ll work harder at the gym next time – this can lead to a slippery slope.

5. Teamwork

If you’re looking for motivation to lose weight, one of the best places to look for it is among friends and family. This can be a powerful motivator that many people often overlook. Try finding a friend who has the same goals as you and create a routine and schedule that works best for both of you. Start hitting the gym together, running together, etc. You’ll feel a bigger commitment to your goals knowing that you’re also committed to your workout partner’s goals. Not only that but working out with a partner often makes the experience a little more enjoyable. They’ll be able to motivate you to take your weight loss further and vice-versa.

6. Healthy Well Balanced Diet

Although tip 4 touched on eating healthy, this tip focuses more on the overall diet that you use while attempting to lose weight. One of the biggest issues in the health market today is the easy options for losing weight. Today’s society is obsessed with quick fixes and that’s the primary reason for a new “Best Diets” coming out every other day.

Unfortunately, quick fixes and fad diets aren’t sustainable for long term weight loss. Chances are if you’ve ever tried a quick diet, you likely lost a ton of weight right out of the gate and eventually this petered off, and before you knew it, you were packing on the pounds again. The problem with fad diets, they aren’t lifestyle changes. To lose weight and maintain it, you must make a commitment to a lifestyle change by changing your outlook on dieting. You should look at your diet not as a temporary change while you lose weight, but a complete reworking of your personal tastes and food choices. This will ensure a long lasting motivation to lose weight.

So there you have it, 6 motivation to lose weight tips. These tips will help you learn how to lose 10 pounds or more. Just remember to start off small, and work your way up. You can lose 10 pounds of body fat in a week if you eat the right foods accompanied by the proper exercise program to burn more calories.

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