Easiest Way to Lose 10 Pounds

Woman And Man Jogging

The easiest way to lose 10 pounds is not quite the same as the fastest way to lose 10 pounds. It still requires thought and careful planning to lose those 10 pounds. The main thing is to keep a positive attitude and mindset.

Know that you are doing this for yourself, and maybe your family. But, as long as your attitude is positive, any hardships that may come up as you work to lose 10 pounds, will be easier to deal with as you see yourself losing weight.

Think in Terms of Strategies Instead of Numbers

Weight is a number, calories are numbers, and hours are numbers. Thinking in numbers makes the process of losing weight seem more like work, than the fun it can be. If you think in terms of strategies, or games and plans, it makes it into a story that you write as you lose weight. In addition, when you finally lose 10 pounds, you can share your story with others who will ask you how you did it.

10 Easy Ways to Lose 10 Pounds

Okay, there are a few numbers, but in general, it is more about changing the way you think about losing 10 pounds, and how you make it fun, rather than a chore. Try some of these easy ways to lose 10 pounds, and see if they work for you:

1. When you cook at home, or go out to eat, divide your normal portions, and save half for later. When you eat out, ask your waiter to put half your meal in a box before your meals served. This will help avoid the temptation to eat the whole meal at once.

2. Eat only fresh food for a week. Avoid anything in a box or can. Go to a farmer’s market and try something you never tried before, or even heard of. You may be surprised that something you did not like as a child, be something you like now as an adult.

3. For short-term weight loss, try dieting two days a week by cutting your caloric intake to 650 calories just for those two days, then return to your regular diet. You may notice a difference quickly.

4. Stand while you work, and fidget a lot. You can even buy or rent a Treadmill Desk and burn about 800 calories in a day’s work, even at a slow pace while working. This will put you on track to lose 10 pounds in a week.

5. Walk or Bike to work. Even if you only have to ride about 30 minutes to get to work, you will burn about 300 calories per ride, or 600 calories per day. If you walk, you should go at a pace as if you are in a hurry. Pretend you will be late, or you are trying to catch the bus in time to get you walking faster.

6. When you eat your meals, fill half the plate with vegetables, a quarter with your lean meat protein, and the remaining quarter with your starch (rice or potatoes). BONUS: Use a smaller plate and portion the plate the same way for a smaller, filling meal. This is also visually satisfying.

7. Plan your meals either once a week or daily. If you know what you are eating that week, you may be better able to resist temptation to eat when you should not. In addition, planning your meals gives you something to look forward to as the day progresses.

8. Do not deny yourself a sweet or a snack. However, choose snacks that are better for you and tasty for better weight loss benefits. So, instead of a candy bar, have a snack with you that you can reach for; like a handful of nuts or berries.

9. Find a hobby away from food that will keep you busy. Choose something that will challenge you mentally and physically. This will keep your mind preoccupied.

10. Eat more often and you will burn more calories faster. It is true! Your body becomes stressed, when it feels hungry, making your hormones go crazy. This makes your body store fat because your body thinks it is starving. When you eat more often, your body feels safe and secure, and will function better for it. That is how to keep your metabolism fired up so you have energy to go do fun things, and lose weight in the process.

If anyone tries to tell you how to lose 10 pounds in a few days, walk away from that crazy person. Their way to lose 10 pounds might work, but it will not be a healthy way, and it will most likely result in a yo-yo diet effect. This causes you to not only gain the weight back, but you will very likely gain even more weight.

The best way to lose 10 pounds is with dieting and exercise. Watching what you eat each day, and burning extra calories is the easiest way to lose weight. You will also feel much better, be healthier, and have more energy.