How to Lose 10 Pounds with Calorie Shifting

To lose ten pounds of body fat can be very difficult for many people simply because the lack of information people have about how to lose weight and the best diet plans to follow. There is however, a weight loss diet secret that people don’t hear too much about and it’s called calorie shifting.

What Is Calorie Shifting?

The basic concept of the calorie shifting diet as talked about in several books and diet programs such as the idiot proof diet, zig-zag diet and even the cabbage soup diet are used to keep your metabolism guessing so it allows you to lose weight by helping your body burn more calories, more effectively.

Calculate your total calorie intake per day. To get this total simply take the weight that you would like to be and multiply this by 10 to get your total. An example would be 160 lbs x 10 = 1600 calories per day or 11,200 per week.

  1. Break your per day calorie intake in to 4 meals, remembering to also change the total calories of each meal and also the types of foods you eat each day so that it’s never the same to reach your daily goal.
  2. Change your daily calorie intake also, to keep your metabolism guessing. An example of this would be on Monday 1500 calories, Tuesday 1650 calories, and Wednesday 1650 calories. Doing this you will still reach your weekly goal.

Following the three above concepts will trick your body because it won’t know what to expect. Your metabolism won’t be able to adjust or slow down because your daily calorie intake will never be the same and the foods you eat will also be different on a daily basis.

As with any type of diet or exercise plan, you should consult your doctor or a dietitian before starting anything. They will check your Body Mass Index (BMI) and tell you how to safely lose weight in a way that best fits your lifestyle. You may have specific dietary requirements that other people may not have that you don’t know about. Maintain an active lifestyle and a healthy diet and I know you will reach your goals. Good Luck.

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